Future Beer Buses

Beer buses are / are being planned for the following dates and pubs:

Date Pub 1 Pub 2 Pub 3
21/02/2020 Hinton Arms, Cheriton Tichborne Arms, Tichborne Flowerpots Inn, Cheriton
16/03/2018 No Beer Bus - Please visit Winchester Beer and Cider Festival instead!
All Future Beer Buses Due to the Global COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic, no more Beer Bus outings are planned at present.
We strongly enocourge everyone to adhere to government guidelines and rules, so that we minimise the period of time that pubs can only operate as off-licences and take-aways.
Please wash your hands thoroughly and regularly...

The details listed on this page are for indication only, and may change at any time without notice. This webpage may not necessarily be up to date.



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