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This site has been constructed and after many years' work on it and other things is now barely / badly maintained!

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My photos can now be found at http://www.myphotogallery.org.uk/alex/. Actually, I moved this gallery to https://photos.popebanana.net/ and deleted all my photos to save space on an old server.

If you're looking for a pro-active and highly technical manager for projects, programmes, products and people, maybe you should be reading my Curriculum Vitae, looking at my LinkedIn Profile and getting in contact with me?

I used to run a beerbus in the Southampton area. That stopped long ago and I've archived the (former) beerbus.org.uk website here.



If you're interested in the Presland family's genealogy, please email genealogy@presland.net.



If you would like any further information then please email alex@presland.net